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Welcome to the Orbis worldbuilding wiki. Log in or request an account to begin editing articles and making changes or suggestions. Be sure to regularly check the recent changes, as well as the user-specific change logs, available in the sidebar.

Also use the important links in the sidebar to help create articles that are being linked to but have not been created yet, as well as to fix up articles that do not link anywhere, or are never linked to, in order to reinforce the manner in which various elements of Orbis are related.



"Graph of categories"
A graph of the categories hierarchy used by this wiki.

All pages should be tagged with at least one category that describes the type of content in that page. The categories graph should help show what categories to use, but if none are useful, or if you feel another category should also be created, feel free to create a new one. Make sure that the category itself also contains a category, copying from an existing category to see the correct syntax to use.

Categories can be included on a page by placing [[Category:CATEGORY_NAME]] at the bottom of the page. Multiple categories can be entered by including that tag multiple times on separate lines.

All existing categories are subcategories of the "Contents" category, so you can find them by clicking here.

Talk Pages

Discuss ideas and give feedback on Talk pages. Talk pages can be found by clicking the "Discussion" button at the top of the page, or by navigating to the "Talk:TITLE" page, replacing TITLE with the title of the page to discuss.

Top level comments can be written as normal. Responses to that comment should be indented by prepending a colon (:) to the start of the line. Responses to that response should add two colons, etc.

Sign all comments with four tildes (~~~~) so that everyone can easily see who wrote what.


Whenever referring to something else that exists in the world, make sure to link to it. If the text which mentions it exactly matches the title of the article, use [[TITLE]] to add the link. Otherwise, pipe the desired link into the text you want to display, by using [[TITLE_OF_PAGE|TEXT_TO_DISPLAY]].

You can also link to sections within the article, by appending "#SECTION" to the end of the title of the page.


When mentioning something that may have its name changed at a later date, or which has already been used in such a manner, rather than referring to the thing directly by its name, use a "template" instead. Make a template by going to the page "Template:NAME_OF_TEMPLATE", and use the same syntax as existing templates. Then, refer to it in the text using {{ NAME_OF_TEMPLATE }}. Like any page, be sure to include a category for the variable.

All existing variables can be found by clicking here.

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